the mission of beginning was planned for 14 days. Polish firefighters were in Sweden, Sunday 22 July. there were self-sufficient in terms of logistics (took tents, food and fuel) and medical (in the group are paramedics) .Przyczyną extensive forest fires in Sweden were as unusual this country high temperatures and little rainfall. According to information provided by the first of Swedish heavy media in the central part of the country was burning about 25 thousand. hectares of forest. Polish firefighters extinguished the 6.5 thousand. ha.Wyjazd to Sweden was associated with the official request of local authorities, which through the European Civil Protection Mechanism requested emergency assistance in fighting fires lasów.Europejski Civil Protection Mechanism is a system of international aid rescue supervised and organized by the Directorate. Humanitarian Aid and Civil Protection (ECHO) of the European Commission. The system is to support countries that have been affected by a disaster requiring international intervention ratowniczej.W system uses specialized rescue teams created by Member States Mechanism (28 EU member states plus Iceland, Norway, Montenegro, Macedonia and Turkey). Official stressed that this issue will be one of the key issues addressed by the head of American diplomacy Mike Pompeo during his visit to the region this week. As stated, the risk of use of Huawei by the Chinese intelligence services is one of the main concerns in Washington a “strategic scramble with Beijing and Moscow in the eastern countries of the EU.” At a meeting with the media, US officials said that “a significant number of small and medium-sized countries” in Central and Eastern Europe – including many of the “greater propensity for corruption” – could allow China to “the penetration of key sectors” and influence within the Community. see also: cluster computing for 100 million zł. Universities like Huawei? »Huawei does not care about scandal. Plans new centers in Warsaw and Katowice »Chinese firm strongly denies the allegations of such activities. “FT” recalled that last month, Polish authorities arrested an employee of Huawei on charges of espionage, and the Czech Republic excluded the company from public tenders after a warning from the institutions responsible for the cyber security of the country. As emphasized, “Polish officials consider the United States as a key country for national security, particularly in the face of renewed assertiveness of Russia, and hope to convince the United States to establish a permanent military base in his country.” The former head of the Intelligence Agency Grzegorz Malecki told the newspaper that the decision to arrest the employee Huawei “has the potential interference of Polish-Chinese”, arguing that “the reason behind this decision, taken at the highest government level, had to be more important than good relations with China” . At the same time it reminded that China is present in the region of Central and Eastern Europe due to the format of 16 + 1, which is involved in as many as 11 EU Member States, but Beijing “denied that he wants to use this initiative as a Trojan horse dividing Europe by Temptation (… ) financing of roads, power plants and other infrastructure. ” A representative of the US administration, however, announced in an interview with “FT” that Washington plans to intensify the diplomatic, commercial, military and cultural activities in the region to strengthen its position as an alternative to China and Russia. “Our view is that this belated and necessary move, because it is in part the lack of firm commitment on the part of the US in Central Europe over the past decade has created a vacuum, which China and Russia are so eager to have used” – said the caller log. This week in Warsaw will also co-organized the conference with the US on peace in the Middle East, which initially aroused some controversy after the part of the commentators assessed this initiative as antyirańską and deviates from the EU’s position towards the situation in the region. Tehran acknowledged Polish participation in the conference as an act of hostility; Foreign Ministry called rustic charge d’affaires of the Polish embassy to protest against the conference. As reported Polish Foreign Ministry, Polish diplomat presented the Iranian ministry of foreign affairs establishment of the planned conference. Foreign Minister Jacek Czaputowicz repeatedly assured that the Middle East conference in Warsaw “is not directed against any countries,” the organizers “want to present a positive agenda for the Middle East.” Among the confirmed participants include US Vice President Mike Pence and Secretary of State Pompeo. According to sources, the PAP, the representation of high-level ministerial plans to send include United Kingdom. A spokesman of Fidesz parliamentary faction, Janos Halasz said at a press conference in Budapest, the Hungarian guarding the border policemen and soldiers are bombarded with lies, and the “lies are written by people Soros.” Halasz said that several “Soros organization” – eg., Amnesty International and the Hungarian Helsinki Committee – in a joint statement condemned the strengthening of the legal protection of the Hungarian border, and called on the EU to come up against Hungary. According to him, these “proimigracyjne organizations” in this way “again, just pour water to the mill of migrants” and encourage them to illegal immigration, confrontation with the authorities and breaking the law. According to Halasz it is unbearable. As noted, the one who comes to Hungary must comply with Hungarian laws. According to the adopted Tuesday by the Hungarian Parliament Act for the duration of the state of emergency caused by the influx of migrants, asylum requests can be submitted as a rule only person in the transit area on the Hungarian border, and there also applicants will have to stay until the collapse of a final decision on them. During this time, the transit zone they will be allowed to leave only when leaving Hungary – in the case of existing transit zones to Serbia. This also applies to unaccompanied young people aged 14-18 years. Amnesty International has criticized the bill, recognizing that it violates international law. “Amendments adopted today represent further examples of the aggressive trend of the fact that Hungary has nothing for the rights of refugees and migrants” – said Deputy Director of AI Europe Gauri van Gulik. AI called therefore for the EU to take action and show the Hungarians that “the illegal and inhuman moves have consequences.” Earlier, a group of Hungarian human rights organizations – including Amnesty and the Hungarian Helsinki Committee – urged parliament not to accept the act. The signatories wrote that the situation is still worrying because of construction of the fence on the southern border of Hungary in 2015. “Proves more and more reports of the growing violence on the Serbian-Hungarian border,” among others on the part of police officers. Halasz on Wednesday also expressed the opinion that the Brussels bureaucrats continue to represent proimigracyjne position, and the EU wants to punish Hungary again, because “do not we let immigrants.” Meanwhile, – he said – “protecting the Hungarian borders, protect the borders of Europe.” At the same press conference, Secretary of State in the office of Prime Minister of Hungary Viktor Orban, Bence Tuzson, estimated that many EU Member States leads a double policy, as exemplified by the fact that – as he said – German Chancellor Angela Merkel demanded that Hungary does not EU to come to more illegal immigrants. “This can be achieved only in one way: if Hungary also will not arrive illegal immigrants” – he said. He added that an important step in this direction was the adoption of the Act on Tuesday, strengthening the legal protection of the border. From Budapest Margaret Wyrzykowska (PAP) We invite you to some sunlight, which will be accompanied us in the march, which will start on Saturday at. 13 Bank Square – PO leader said Grzegorz Schetyna on Friday at a press conference in the Parliament. The head of the club PO Slawomir Neumann said that the platform invites all who have not yet decided whether to take part in the March of Freedom. “You can come to Warsaw, taking advantage of the shuttle, which organizes the Platform” – he argued. As judged March, is “good weather for all those who love freedom and the freedom of those who want to fight.” See also: Petru calls for participation on May 6 in the “March of Freedom” »” Each of us should defend their freedom against the state, which becomes oppressive, the government, which is becoming authoritarian. Before all this we will defend the Poles. I believe that you will with us “- said Neumann. Schetyna said that during the “March of Freedom” PO politicians will talk about the most important things that face Polish, among others, risk of Polish freedom. He added that participation in the March announced, among others local government officials and teachers. “We will talk about the institutional independence of local government, the importance of that local government authority contends that the state system of our country, and this independence is at stake today. Centralist policy PiS wants to pick up the powers of local government” – he said Schetyna.zobacz also Schetyna: PO help get the March freedom, those who themselves can not arrange this »He added that in the course of March, will also talk about the future of Polish school of academic freedom, a Polish place in Europe and the relations with the European Union on Saturday, may 6 at. 13 on pl. The bank is expected to begin “March of Freedom” organized by the OP. The march, in addition to PO activists take part, among others, Modern representatives, PSL Polish Teachers’ Union, as well as established nationwide in March Local Government Protest Committee, which brings together local federations, opposed to any attempts to “re-centralization of the state.” He led the pilot to stop one of the airport employees, who previously drew attention to its shaky step and beating him smell of alcohol. The employee immediately notified the police and traffic control. The police detained the pilot when he was already sitting at the controls of the plane and began preparations to start. Police confirmed that he was “clearly under the influence of alcohol.” Pilot, 40-year-old Portuguese, detained in custody. The prosecutor’s office opened an investigation against him on suspicion of attempting to cause a hazard to air traffic. He filed an application for withdrawal of its license air. After the arrest of the co-pilot aircraft had to remain at the airport in Stuttgart. The other members of the crew and passengers will spend the night in a hotel. In its reply Juncker welcomed the fact that Hungary recognized solidarity as “an important principle of the EU” – writes the German daily “Süddeutsche Zeitung”, which said on Wednesday the list. “Solidarity is a two-way street. Sometimes Member States can expect solidarity from others. Sometimes, but should be ready to bring their own contribution,” – wrote the President of the EC, not hiding – think “SZ” – sarcasm. As noted, in Budapest in 2015 he rejected an EU proposal for distribution of refugees, which was not only relieve Greece and Italy, but also in Hungary. Juncker stressed that in connection with the refugee crisis Hungary had in the years 2014-2015 entitled to financial assistance in the amount of 6.26 million euros, of which only 33 percent utilized. In addition, in 2014-2020 Budapest can benefit from the funds totaling more than 40 million euros to secure the external border of the EU – Juncker wrote to Orban. The head of the European Commission also mentioned “another form of European solidarity”, which are the structural funds. Hungary was allocated in 2014-2020 from the source of 25 billion euros, representing more than 3 percent. Hungarian GDP. According to the “SZ” Juncker letter “despite everything” indicates a willingness to compromise. There’s a question of money to strengthen border controls in case of emergency. Such measures previously received Bulgaria, Greece, Italy and Spain. “If such a request from Hungary will, will be dealt with without delay” – Juncker assured by stipulating that the condition is compliance measures with EU law. German tabloid “Bild”, which also announced a list of its quotes another passage: “Solidarity is not a dish from the menu that you could choose for border control and discard when it comes to the division of the refugees.” Relying on European solidarity, Orban calls for the EU to cover half the cost of building a fence on the border with Serbia and Croatia. Securing this episode Hungarian border cost 270 billion forints (approx. 883 million euros). EC from the very beginning opposed the construction of the Hungarian border fence. In July and September 2015, the Member States of the EU have agreed to transfer 160 thousand. refugees from Italy and Greece to relieve these countries. The deadline for completion of these activities is scheduled for September 2017 year. Slovakia and Hungary challenged that decision before the Court of Justice of the EU, arguing that it is incompatible with the law. Polish authorities supported the complaint. On Wednesday, the Court dismissed these complaints. As part of the relocation program, Poland and Hungary have not adopted the single refugee, Slovakia and the Czech Republic suspended the implementation of the program on the grounds that fears of a wave of jihadist attacks in the EU in recent years. EC lead against Hungary, but also Poland and the Czech Republic the procedure for infringement of EU law in this case. These countries reject the arguments of the EC. August 24 Commissioner. Migration Dimitris Avramopoulos said that if these countries do not change position on the relocation of refugees, the Commission will go further with the procedure for infringement of EU law. In practice, this means referral to the Court. From Berlin Jacek Lepiarz (PAP) President Andrzej Duda signed Tuesday novella of the Act on the IPN; at the same time decided that it will direct mode subsequent to the Constitutional Court to examine this, if freedom of speech is not by the rules of the novel in an unauthorized manner and limited to TK examined the question of the so-called. specificity of legal provisions. The amendment has caused controversy among Israel, the US and Ukrainie.zobacz also Szczerski: amendment of the Act on the IPN does not have a second bottom »What: Write directly on the prohibition of the use of the phrase” Polish death camps “would be ineffective» Morawiecki stressed at a press conference that according to him, all the records of the novel they are clear. – If for someone are not sufficiently clear, it suppose and I hope that the Constitutional Court also will clarify any possible ambiguities records that may some of our partners raise such questions about the scope of freedom of expression – he said. – If we have, as has happened in the last 10-15 years, actually, 10-20-30 years, we would be charged for this terrible, unimaginable crime that the Holocaust is not only the world would have to be placed on the head, but urągałoby is any sense of justice, and we can not agree to this – added the head of government. “I do not want to hold back research,” Prime Minister was asked about Wednesday’s statement MEP Jacek Zalk (PiS), that Jews were killed in Jedwabne Germany. – They were obviously very sad, dramatic cases, such that the murdered Jews, Poles, and so it was in Jedwabne; certainly were pushed to this by the criminal, terrorist regime Nazis, German – Morawiecki.zobacz also said: Awl: Israeli Prime Minister never reported objection to the amendment on the IPN »summoned in the context of the atrocities of World War II research Gunnar S.